I’m a lawyer admitted to practice in South Australia and New York (the latter, you know, just in case you happen to be contracting with a New Yorker, or alternatively, if you’re interested in some stories of what it’s really like to be living an episode of Suits).

With a background in both transactional (think: everyone is friends, they want to go into business together) and litigation (think: everyone has fallen out of love and everything becomes a battle), I’ve chosen to concentrate on the former, loved up end of the law, helping my clients work out what business structure is right for them, and then making it all happen from company formation to shareholders agreements to trademarks to terms and conditions and employment advice – but keeping at the back of my mind the things that can go wrong, and so trying to set things up to avoid disputes down the track.

I like to demystify the legal aspects of business for my clients, explaining contracts, business structures and legal obligations to them clearly and concisely, in an informal way.  I’m not your average stuffy lawyer – but I do make contracts beautiful, so that – crazy concept -my clients, and their clients, can understand them.  They’re living, working documents – they’re supposed to be used and understood!

I also have a disco room (unfortunately, it’s not in my office at Parkside) and I love playing music, particularly piano and drums. And boxing; I like boxing.