Hello there!

So… if you have made it to this page you may be wondering where does Sass Place even come from? What is the story behind it? Why and how is she here?

It was in late 2013 that I attended a conference put together by inspirational local entrepreneur Kathryn Hocking. After working at home with my husband in our franchise for 4 years, I was desperate to meet other women who understood business. And I wanted to learn. I was feeling drawn to thinking outside the box. 

So at that event, I met some really wonderful women! And I wanted to stay in touch with them. What followed was a Facebook group I set up, which then followed with growth, and then followed with events, and then followed with the first version of Sass, called ‘The Sass’. Affectionately named after the women calling it a Sassy Sisterhood.

Disliking the ‘traditional’ networking, Sass was the first to really relax the concept and focus on genuine relationships through ‘connecting’ not just handing out business cards. Relaxed coffee catchups, occaisional sunday afternoon drinks and more were all part of Sass philosophy of bringing women together. And it worked. Women connected like never before. Friendships were born (many of which are still friends today and some are even in business together!) and women had the confidence to know they weren’t alone on this journey.

Two months later, the idea of having a place to work with other women in the Sass community popped up. Going by the mantra of ‘life’s too short not to at least try!’, four months later, Australia’s first coworking space for women, Sass Place, was born. Started on nothing but a credit card, some savings and a lot of elbow grease!Opening in June 2014. A place where women could run their business, hire a space for meetings and workshops and connect with women face to face. And the addition of an onsite creche meant another first that Sass Place can lay claim too, bringing a concept to Australia yet to be seen. A mantra of Dream it, Believe it, Do it, was created and a hub for female change makers followed. Since that time, 100’s of women have walked through the Sass Place doors, opening businesses, growing existing ones and collaborating on new projects with other members. We have held a large number of workshops in our event spaces and meetings in our meeting rooms. We have been home to those creating change on a local and global scale, and those innovating in industries that have long remained stagnant. I have been continually blown away with the talent and skill set of women here in South Australia.

It became evident to me that Sass was about much more than a place for women to work or a community to belong to. And that’s when it dawned on me. We are changing the way women work, and have been since late 2013. We have changed the way women in business connect. We have changed the way they work. And we have changed the way women do business. But most of all we have done it all ‘together’. There is no ‘I’ in Sass. The strength of Sass Place and the Collective is the women within it. It has always and will always be about determined, ambitious women coming together, sharing their journeys, supporting and lifting up one another and going forth creating successful businesses that will leave an impact on this world.

And so here we are now. June 2017 marks 3 years since our doors opened, and a fresh new start for the Sass Collective and Sass Place. Long known for the bright pink that has served us so well the last few years, it was time to making the next step in our business maturity. New branding and websites, but the same amazing heart-centred sense of community we have always had. 

And if this is what can be achieved in 3 short years of , imagine what we will have achieved in another 3!

Thankyou for being here and reading our story and I hope to have you part of our truly inspiring community in some way very soon.


Carly Thompson-Barry

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